Although the construction and furnishing of our food business incubator is still in progress, and the Grand Opening of Katalyst Kitchens is still ahead, we certainly do not allow these to prevent us from "cooking up" some activities in our premises. In August 2021, we already organized an informal pre-opening event at the incubator, where we invited our sponsors, partners, and closest friends. This month, particularly on September 21, we hosted a one-of-a-kind training in Moldova on the topic of sensory analysis of food products.
The training on sensory analysis is part of a project entitled "Ecological product innovation lab at the Moldovan Agrifood Business Incubator". The project is a joint initiative of Katalyst Kitchens and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (www.vscht.cz). It is from that university that the expert trainers - Marek Doležal, Zdenka Panovská, and Vojtech Ilko - came to Moldova to train our food entrepreneurs in how to perform sensory testing of food products.
Overall, we had 18 participants joining the training. Those curious minds from the Moldovan food production sector got trained by Marek, Zdenka, and Vojtech on how to perform different kinds of sensory analysis of various foods. Particularly, the participants learnt about distinctive types of taste and how to determine particular tastes. Then the audience gained knowledge about main aromatic compounds used in food products and tried to identify particular smells of the given compounds. Finally, the participating food entrepreneurs got to know the practical application and value of sensory analysis in food production. To those willing to learn more about the topic, we sent the entire manual about sensory analysis that had been written by Marek, Zdenka, and Vojtech.
Besides the above-mentioned information and knowledge, our guest trainers presented the results of chemical and sensory analysis of samples of cold pressed oils, which had preliminarily been conducted by the trainers at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Moldovan producers of cold pressed oils, who wanted their products to be analyzed in such way, had provided several bottles of their oils to us, which we had then sent to the university. And after the training, the providers of oil samples could finally see the results and learn something new and useful about their own products.

Surely, the experience of our guests in Moldova did not limit only to trainings and presentations. While staying in the village Riscova, Marek, Zdenka, and Vojtech had explored a bit of rural environment and scenery of Moldova. And when they moved to Chisinau, we made a nice evening walk around the city center and showed our guests several sightseeing places.

All in all, the training on sensory analysis of food products turned out to be a success with both trainers and participants satisfied with the event. The training also marked the beginning of more intense action at Katalyst Kitchens with more interesting trainings and practical workshops to come soon. Until then, we have the Grand Opening of Katalyst Kitchens to do in October, 2021. Do keep an eye on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/KatalystKitchens) to find out more about it. And we hope to celebrate the opening of Moldova's first food business incubator together with you.

The project "Ecological product innovation lab at the Moldovan Agrifood Business Incubator" is organized by Katalyst Kitchens and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Challenge Fund with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
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