Septic system construction

Katalyst Kitchens continues the construction and arrangement of the space for the first agri-food incubator. Recently, the first stages of construction of the domestic water collection system will be undertaken, which will be produced inside the incubator, namely the septic tank, the underground watertight tank, which removes pollutants concentrated in wastewater and ensures the retention of solids and floating waste.

In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, it was decided to build composting toilets, faucets with timers, ultra low-flow shower nozzles, rainwater collection and drip irrigation in the shared kitchen space, conference center and visitor dorms. Gray water will be managed on site with two passive septic systems, made in Moldova, one for the kitchen and another for showers and bathrooms.  As a result of the water treatment, it will be routed underground to rows of trees in the adjacent fruit forest.

Thanks to the support of partners from SlovakAid, the Slovak Center for Communication and Development, EcoVisio, Optim, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, as well as the construction team, which is dedicated to the construction and landscaping of Katalyst Kitchens, all plans become a reality.