Katalyst Kitchens partners

Katalyst Kitchens, EcoVisio, a non-governmental organization from Moldova, and the Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (SCCD) signed a partnership agreement to work together on the establishment of the first Food Business Incubator in the Republic of Moldova. The incubator will be built in the village of Riscova, a town that became famous for the eco-community called EcoVillage Moldova.

The project team wants to give a new life and purpose to an old building, previously used as a tobacco drying factory and a pig farm. At the beginning of the project, the building was in a deplorable condition and in need of major cleaning and repairs. With the help of the team, in the spring of 2020, the building and the 1-hectare land related to it became the main point of the EcoVillage Farms initiative and was conceived as an agroecological lot.

In September 2020, the major reconstruction of the building is planned, which will allow the creation of the first section of the Agribusiness Business Incubator, namely a Common and Shared Kitchen for all businesses.

The Katalyst team is responsible for the creation and conceptual and physical arrangement of the space. It will also have an innovative program in food technologies for small entrepreneurs. EcoVisio will bring expertise in agroecological practices, support food start-ups with business development, and organize the process of exchanging international experience with partners in Slovakia. SCCD is responsible for the overall coordination of the project, as well as for the elaboration of a case study on the agri-food business incubator in Moldova. The project is funded by Slovak Aid and co-funded by the US Embassy, with complementary elements supported by IM Swedish Development Partner, Sweden, GEF, and Finance in Motion.

We thank our partners and donors for their confidence in this ambitious idea and invite more supporters to join this multidimensional initiative with a long-term vision and potential to stimulate Moldova's agri-food business sector.