Interview with the builder - Ion

Mr. Ion from Cimișeni remembers with gratitude when he started working together with the team for the Eco Village community in the village of Rîșcova. Before then, he had lived through many challenges, working hard both at home and abroad, been betrayed by employers and lost among foreigners, but still he gathered all his strength and managed to build his own house and raise four sons. He is the oldest member of the construction team.

To the question, how would he describe his first experience in Rîșcova, Mr. Ion said: "We have been building our whole lives. We also built our own houses! And the EcoVillage house as well, built with clay and straw, instead of concrete blocks and  bricks. But here we built with planks, wood, inside the walls it has reeds, straw and then everything was glued. But the clay is the same everywhere. Do you know the difference between then and now? We used to do it in Moldovan way, but EcoVillage community it's built in Romanian way. "

With much nostalgia and regret, Mr. Ion talks about the construction of old houses: "People used to build houses with what they could. As far as I can remember, in our village there is no new construction, after the USSR, I think only 3 new houses have been built" .

During all the time he worked in construction, Mr. Ion accumulated a lot of knowledge, new techniques and experiences. He built residential projects, commercial spaces, residential buildings, with plaster models seen only on video from the Internet.

"All the constructions we built, we are proud of. There were a lot of people in these big buildings, but I built them from the basement up. They cheated us and we were left with unfinished projects, we came home without money and how do you tell your wife and children that you have no money? Some companies are really dishonest. But with Katalyst we feel secure, they are decent people. We are very satisfied and grateful. We can work at home, close to the family. "

Every craftsman has a preference in what he does, a love he shares, Mr. Ion likes to work with the monolith the most: "But if you know how to work, you like everything." 

Throughout his efforts, Mr. Ion showed confidence, dedication and a lot of courage: "We worked on many buildings, one after another, that's what we did, that's what we did, in Riscova. But sometimes I am so tired that I can't move my hands. Looking back, I wouldn't want my kids to live my life and I think I'd go study more".