Interview with a constructor - Andrei

One of the Greek playwrights, Aristophanes, said of craftsmen: "By the way you work you realize the craftsman." This aphorism refers to Mr. Andrei, a skilled craftsman, who starts building at dawn and dedicates himself to work. Mr. Andrei started with the EcoVillage project in 2009, since then he has been involved in all of their  construction projects. Together with his team, they built Eco-Training Center EcoVillage, according to old techniques, following ecological principles.

When asked what accomplishment he is most proud of, Mr. Andrei mentioned that they were involved in many projects, but the most impressive for him were the elite housing blocks in the city: "We built a lot of houses, from the bottom up. In the end, we did everything beautifully, in an unusual style. One of the houses is still considered the most elite in the whole city. A few shops, more buildings than usual".

He also had some unpleasant experiences, in which he experienced the betrayal of employers, but he always managed to move on. He also managed to work abroad, but always returned home, to his family: "Yes, in Voronin's time, while he was President, the world was not so deceived. But after the change of leadership, they began to appear. Some small companies, we were lining up to build for them, they gathered people to do the work, but when we got to the end of the month, we weren't paid. How many people go abroad, when the family is here? Then you pass and you say - let me stay at home, let me rest. And I was very lucky with Katalyst and the people who called us to work, they are honest and we are the same with them".

His experience with the monolith, wood and stone is amazing, almost 20 years, during  which he worked both here in the country and abroad. He worked in many teams, with older and younger craftsmen: "I worked in several brigades, with older and younger boys, where do you go from, where do you show to another, you explain, that if you don't explain, if not you look right, it's still on your back, and the boys who want to, catch the thread and it's easier for you to work like that, than to hide in a corner".

Mr. Andrei decided to become a builder, out of the need to survive. It was a brave and exemplary step for those who followed him: "There was famine in the village, the crisis came, it was still closed and you had nowhere to work, the land does not bring you much money… those who had transport and succeeded to steal, to sell, who found other sources of income, keeping the land and now he has to look for other sources of income, because it does not come out that everything is expensive, the services have to be paid,  this year thete was no rain and nothing could be done, only getting deeper and deeper into debt... you have to look for something else in order to survive. Many of us went abroad, even those who were educated, also went to construction, they couldn't find work elsewhere".

But if he could choose to change something in the past, he would want to go back to school, to capitalize on his potential: "To study harder, to find something more in the shadows, more upside down, as I tell children, " Don't follow in my footsteps", in the rain, in the sun, in the wind, while you're young - don't feel, go on, it still hurts, it hurts, and it hurts, because you look to those who have walked all the hills, if they are old people or a babe, such is the difference. The best thing would be to study, to listen to parents and teachers ".