Gravel and roof! New modernization of Katalyst Kitchen

Even though it is already winter, the Katalyst Kitchens construction team has been working since dawn to build the first agri-food business incubator in Moldova. Thanks to the financial support provided by Katalyst, it was possible to purchase 55 tons of gravel, which was used to level the floor inside the room where the communal kitchen is planned to be built.

Moreover, recycled concrete blocks have been brought in, which now serve as walls for the Katalyst cafe, which is planned to be built on the top floor of the kitchen. From inside the cafe, guests will have the opportunity to watch all the activity that will take place inside the communal kitchen and of course they will be able to admire the view leading to the lake and the forest from Rîșcova village.

In addition, the roof structure of the Katalyst building is being completely replaced, created only from metal beams and will look like a real American barn: barn: strong, cheap, and avoids the need for supporting columns. Every board that we’ll use for the roof, all 275 of them, need to be sanded and straightened

We thank the support of the partners SlovakAid, the Slovak Center for Communication and Development, EcoVisio, Optim Project, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.