On December 5, Katalyst Kitchens and EcoVisio organized an event dedicated to agri-food entrepreneurs, to which were invited a specialist from the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA), Ion TimuČ™, and a technologist in the field of public catering, Adelina Fuior.

The event aimed to inform participants of the rules, laws, government decisions and regulations issued by ANSA, in order to meet the requirements of current legislation on food safety as well as the principles of certification. Thanks to the guests and participants, topics were addressed, which resulted in detailed explanations of the new provisions of the legislation, which provide measures and responsibilities on the part of the manufacturer for the arrangement of the production space, safety rules, presentation and content of the product and of course its delivery.

Adelina Fuior, the special guest of this event, remarked: "Such practices, seminars and trainings are absolutely necessary. Small producers and those who are just starting the business need support and guidance. Transparency and objectivity of ANSA inspectors could facilitate the path to development ". During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and receive qualified answers on the topics covered. This event was organized thanks to the support of Slovak Aid, Slovak Center for Communication and Development, Liechtenstein Development Service, EU4Business and Entrepreneurship Academy.